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To access your health claim information you will need a username and password.  Additionally, to ensure trouble free operation your computer should have the most recent version of JAVA downloaded and installed.  Java software and updates can be found by clicking on the following link: Click Here to download the latest Java update.

For first time users, your
username is your assigned 9 digit insurance ID number or your Social Security Number and your temporary password is your date of birth. The temporary password must be entered in MMDDYYYY format.

Enter both your username (ex. 123456789) and password (ex. 01012009) in the space provided. Once entered, click on the login button and this will bring you to the Health Claim Information Screen where you will be able to personalize your login information and update your email address.  Please ensure that you enter the correct email address previously entered in the Health Claim Information Screen so we can contact you in the event you forget your password.

If you forgot your password you can click on the “Lost Password” link and enter the information requested and a new password will be sent to your email address.